Almost a year is passed since the plan came up to give rebirth to our good old band Nar-Cist. Starting up from the original line up from the period 1986 till 1990 (Mirko Cocco on bass, Walter de Jonge on keys and Tony van Engelen on guitars) the first to join in was drummer Bas Hagen who worked a lot with Tony and Hendrik (our former singer) during the GAP period and singer Robert Bockting that joined in after saying the magic words… (He never forgot seeing us live on stage in 1989)

It took some time and technology to get back on track after 30 years but here we are! We are proud to present our renewed set, ready to hit the stages!

We still play our own song, no covers but all original Nar-Cist material.

The first songs we rerecorded are The Road and Stone Wall. We’ve done this in wat we call the virtual way. We separately record our own parts in our home studios connected by the internet and then mix it all together.

Tony did a great job mixing the tracks while Robert did the the mastering of the Demo. Feel free to enjoy it and if you want to book us or just contact us feel free to do so!