We apologize for time passed since our last post but… we’re very busy!

As our old friend René invited us for our first gig in thirty years on the 2nd of November we’re trying to get as many old friends together at the Meevaart in Amsterdam and finishing our little special set for the occasion. Contacting friends on Facebook and other social networks brings back memories and not only to us band members, how lovely is it if old friends from Schotland try to take a shot to come down to Amsterdam just to see our gig after so many years? So thanks William, only the idea of you coming to Amsterdam to our show was very flattering and gives us a full load of energy. We will of course talk and think about you and bring up memories of our Scottish adventure that has been a fantastic resource for us since then.

We remember that when we were touring in Schotland we were so excited every morning for the next gig coming, like the gig waiting in Dundee. We had a very long ride coming from Edinburgh and we remember those great bridges we crossed while the sun went down spreading a fascinating light all over the waters and the steel, how wonderful Schotland was in our eyes.

The gig was brilliant, there where a lot of people dancing, jumping and having a good time and we had the funny feeling that everything was getting better and better, playing every day, meeting new people, seeing new sceneries… we were getting better and better all the time!

So the next day back in Edinburgh playing a new venue we met a guy that hitchhiked 200 miles from Dundee to Edinburgh to see us playing again! This was an amazing crazy idea, Someone just did this to see us playing again? How flattering!

He spended the rest of the evening after the gig with us, we had some drinks a some laughs, but… since he had no place to sleep we invited him to sleep at our headquarters, as we thought that was the less thing we could do. We now remember how the next morning while we where still sleeping and recovering he very silently slipped away to hitchhike the 200 miles back to Dundee…

Some people are very special and never forgotten.