Imagine yourself being in a band and somebody asks you… would you mind to do a 14 days tour in Scotland with your band?
This for us, coming after playing the support act of the Sound, came as a strong signal, we were moving forward to get more gigs outside our direct surroundings and that was all we wanted at that moment!

We were excited and started preparing ourselves to this big adventure when our drummer Nick just made clear to us that that was too much for him and as we respected his choice we want almost crazy by seeing this opportunity wasted by the choice of one and we directly started looking for a new drummer and as lucky we could be at that moment Berry presented him self.

Coming from a totally different scene, Berry liked hard rock music and had a steady hard way of drumming that fitted quite good in our music, we were ready to rehearsal a tight set and be shipped to the north! Scotland here we come!

And so it went, we were boarding in Rotterdam to go to Hull with 3 bands from Deventer: the Blue Guitars, the Nightblooms and ourselves: Nar-Cist. It felt like a school trip and we kept laughing and having fun, it surely was a big adventure together.

On board we went straight to the bar to order some drinks and we took a sit on a table close to the window so we could overlook the harbour, and it was that moment we started staring outside…. A very strange big group of men was getting on board, all dressed in jeans and a white shirts and all skinhead like short haired. We were silenced and in a way a bit worried too…. it was a very big group of men, loud and aggressive, taking possession of the boat around us.

We tried not to worry too much and decided to stay on our own at our table but we all know how drinks can evaporate so… we had to make a new pit stop at the bar… So I went in my black skinny trousers and goth looking hair… can I have 5 beers and a red wine please….

All seemed to go well, meanwhile we found out who those guys were, Dutch Marines on a exercise mission in Scotland. So what could go wrong, they probably were having the kind of fun we ware having, excited for the trip and new experiences, at least that was what I thought….

So when the barman passed me the drinks and I turned around to walk back to the table I didn’t expect the punch that came right on my face from an already drunk marine. It hit me so hard that I had to spit out the tooth and the blood that came with it while apparently a superior was screaming 10 points for hitting the punk who is getting more points? WHO???

This was not going to be a nice night for us….

I directly went back to the table to advice the rest of the crew that did’t really took notice of what was happening and went straight to bed. The night seemed to be full of fights with other band members and passengers, girls were attacked and raped, crew members molested… It was pure hell and how unbelievable it might seem, it was caused by those who we should trust most for defending us…. the Dutch Marines!

We were glad we arrived in Hull, we could finally leave the ship. Some of us quite injured and in pain… The Dutch Marines in their uniforms now… We were shocked. We probably wouldn’t  believed it if we waren’t there ourselves…. The horror, the cruelty, carried by every superior of the corps… We had a story to tell to the people that came to Hull from Edinburgh to pick us up by bus and it changed a lot in the way we looked at the system from there on.