One of the most confronting things that can happen to a band is the experience of a live gig.

A lot of things happen and it’s not only the fact that there are people in front of you that make the experience differ from playing your guitar in front of a mirror in your room.

As Nar-Cist started to get more and more serious we also had to create our own discipline on stage. Things that seem less important, like set lists (what are we going to play next), where stands who and of course our sound design.

Bit by bit the band started to get a professional attitude and this was very much appreciated by music lovers of certain styles of music. Someone called our music atmospheric rock but Nar-Cist played a certain mixture of post punk and jazz rock that was often compared with bands like The Cure and King Crimson, artists we surely liked were also the Police, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jim Morrison and Frank Zappa.

In the move to reach out to a bigger audience we had a great chance to do the support act of The Sound. That was quite exiting for us as the Sound was a band that we all appreciated a lot. This gig happened to be at the Burgerweeshuis, the venue were we were used to rehears and go out ourselves.

And so there we were, playing in front of the gear of the Sound, the space left on stage was little and we only had to play for 30 minutes, but man… we played!  The atmosphere, the venue, it was great and it was also big fun having the chance to meet the band members of the Sound.

They took the time to watch us play from the side of the stage, which was very inspiring. For us it was clear, this is what we want to do. We wanted more gigs. We wanted to stand out into the big world and play our music.

The Sound

At the end of the evening when everybody left the venue, only the bands and staff were grouped at the bar talking about the evening and things to come. The guys of the Sound were also great fun to be with, not only their music but also their personalities made an impact on some of us. We love to remember their keyboard player shouting out ” We will play your support act when you come to England”. That unfortunately never happened, as no one knew at the time that their band was falling apart and even worse, their singer Adrian Borland left the planet not long after.

As far as it concerned us… we were the talk of the town and ready to do what ever it took to hit the stage again and again!

This is an impression of the Sound playing live: