Deventer (the Netherlands), autumn 1986.

I’m new in this town, I’ve just left Arnhem, another nice Dutch town in the east of this for me new homeland.

I’m just getting used to be Dutch, family reasons drove me away from my loved Rome but the Netherlands are one big opportunity to live fun by the max, away from family problems and other sticky stuff that stands in the way of developing an own personality.

Mirko 1986

Mirko 1986

We’re living the post-punk era, there is a lot of music and styles around merging in cross overs.
I’m working as a stage actor those days, along with a young theatre group “Theater Rozijn” but I’m really bored out.
It’s like film was never invented and we play the same shit over and over every evening on another stage…
I really can’t stand it and my interests to perform in music seems much and much bigger…

So here I’m in this new town, along with a lot of new and fresh students. They’re having a city warming party at the start of the new student year and there is where I met Walter. He’s a fresh student and new in this town too. Our interest in music was bounding us from the start.
As I was interested in punk and new wave, his interest and background in reggae was kind of odd first, but nothing I couldn’t appreciate.
I had some ska and reggae heroes myself in the past like the Specials and Bob Marley of course.
And after some cold beers and a few laughs we decided to have our first jam at his room that over viewed the bars in one of Deventer centre streets, de Grote Overstraat….
And so this whole thing started.

Walter 1986

We were quite stuck at that time in our musical heritage but open minded for anything that came along as long it was good.
It had to be good music in an hypnotic and energetic way. We played the same cords the whole night but smiling ear to ear to our instruments and to each other, everything was possible now.
We had our little conspiracy, our little plan to work out.
Music was directly a form of friendship in this for us new town so starting a band will become a big part of our identity later on.