There was not much left of the positive mood that started our trip in Deventer looking forward to our tour in Scotland after we had this confrontation with 600 coward Dutch marines on board of the North Sea Ferry’s boat to Hull.

As we sat outside waiting for the Scottish crew to pick us up at the harbour, we saw the marines being drilled up by their commanders,  all wearing their uniforms instead of the skinhead like fitted jeans an white t shirts they were wearing during their terror night, if you could even call it a difference.

I don’t think I was ever so pissed off and offended as I was this morning. Somehow I was surprised that there was no police or other authority to get those bunch of drilled up pit bulls and put them away where they couldn’t do harm to others… But nothing…. We would have to do the whole process later when we got back home…

And as we are telling the story in the bus after meeting our Scottish new friends, we were driving towards the city of Edinburgh. Some how we had a crazy start for this adventure but now was the time to delete those bad karma and get ready for some different kind of action! We just touched UK soil and we wanted to do some old fashion rock and roll!

The first evening our singer Hendrik and drummer Berry went to a radio station where we were invited to do a radio interview, meanwhile our Scottish friends took the rest of us to a venue called the Preservation Hall where  bands usually played gigs every evening and as we ordered a few beers we were introduced to the band playing that night.

The guitar player of that band was a nice guy called Frank and lived up in the Scottish mountains building his own guitars as Adam, one of our new friends, told us. Frank was wondering how his sound was and he asked our guitar player Tony to go on stage and play his guitar so he could have a listen.

Of course Tony couldn’t refuse and played his “wild looking out of the woods” guitar with very low action. Tony could hardly play it, being used to higher action, but still he shredded this guitar.
This was a nice entrée kicking off the next 2 weeks. Frank thanked me and invited us to watch his band.

They were incredible, especially Frank. This guy was the local guitar hero of Edinburgh and he proved it!
It made Tony proud to have been playing his guitar for the sound check and we were very excited about his band, we quickly made a bunch of new friends.

And before we knew it we would be playing this stage at Preservation Hall ourselves along the other venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee during our tour that brought us trough Scotland.

This would become the first time for us as a band being a broad together, an intense and beautiful experience now that we started focusing on it.

To be continued….