We’ve been quite busy lately, working on new material and doing a few try-outs in small venues and above all enjoying ourselves making music!

One of the highlights was the Hootchie Koe Festival 2019 in Varsseveld the east of the Netherlands, a very nice and well organised 3 days all family festival with a big variety of music and entertainment, good food and a lovely audience.

Since all band members come from different parts of the Netherlands we usually meet backstage carrying our own flight cases and stuff and how nice is it if the local staff is waiting for you to help out and make the welcome even more sweet with fresh drinks and a smile.

This is our first festival gig in years and it has to be said, playing in the open air while the sun is shining in a party mood is really something special, so after we unpacked and set up our gear backstage we had all the time to catch the bands that were playing at that moment and it was good!

The change over came and before we knew we were playing our set, having fun and enjoying the atmosphere.

We want to thank the Hootchie Koe Festival 2019 organizers but also the whole backstage crew that helped us out so kindly before, during and after the show, guys you were great! We also want to thank Michel and his kids for making all those great pics of the show and a special thanks goes out to Paul that showed up filming our gig for the third time! Thank you Paul! You can see his video of the show below!