So, somewhere in 1986 I came to live in Deventer, in a flat in the worst part of this city, a flat on the first floor. I arrived on a Friday, and there wasn’t any carpeting on the floor yet nor was there power, I had to wait till Monday.

Slowly it got Monday, and then there was power. The first thing I did was hook up my guitar and amp and play really loud. It turned out that there was somebody living a floor down below me, and as the doorbell rang I met this neighbour who wasn’t very amused by the loudness of me playing.

I apologized, thinking this is not a good way to get started, while he left pretty pissed off.



The next day the doorbell rang again, it was the same guy and I already wanted to start saying “I’m not playing”. But he told me he locked himself out and asked me if I had a clothes hanger, so he could open a window or so and get back in.

So I gave him a clothes hanger.

The next day the doorbell rang again. It was my neighbor from downstairs again, he came to bring back the clothes hanger. He told me his name was Mirko, and I introduced myself.
Then, he asked if I would like to join a band, cause he obviously heard me play guitar.

I also played in a group called The Illegal Telephones, but Nar-Cist very quickly became my number one band.

I joined.