It’s hard to imagine in our days what live could be without all digital technology. That lives us not only without cell phones and personal computers, but also without online social networks and sitting around a big round turning piece of vinyl on the turn table.

Music is the best. Bored out kids coming together listening to music drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and pot. That would be a social network in the ’80 and playing in a band had an extremely high attraction value for those youngsters that had a strong urge to be part of something, a movement or even an idea.

From the centre of Deventer we moved to the periphery and in a way or the other we managed to live all close by in the same block of flats at the Maasstraat in the so called river quarter. But a real band needs a rehearsal room and that was no easy task to achieve. The local youth centre called Het Burgeweeshuis offered rehearsal rooms for cheap but it was hard to get one… you just had to wait till another band broke up.

Uppie, Mirko, Walter, Ton en Hendrik

And we seemed lucky in that way, another Deventer band called Sics broke up leaving drummer Uppie with rehearsal space and no band what gave us the first opportunity to play loud and compose our first songs in the cellars of Het Burgeweeshuis.

Uppie was the first of a long list of drummers that passed by and while every drummer had his special reason to leave, mostly about the way we worked and the tight schedules and ambitions, Uppie had to leave because the fact he broke somebodies heart. An emotional moment for the boys in the band that revealed friendship and the will to go on in a new setting.

From there Nar-Cist started to move forward, gigs and fun where a big part of what we did, creating a strong follow up of fans and volunteer personnel, more and more creating our own sound and songs.