Friday 2nd of November 2018…. It’s the compound to land this thirty years long bridge of silence, our mobile phones keep beeping all day… I’ll be there…. I’m sorry but my diarrhea is so heavy today… can’t be there….

And so we meet somewhere along the highway just before Amsterdam…. man in suits asking themself if they are kids pretending to be adults or adults pretending to be kids, but this is the moment to understand that this was the last day in between live performances.

Hi… we are here to play some rock and roll… and most lovely people gently comforting us with food, drinks and technical support, we almost forgot to soundcheck as old friends present themselves, looking sharp and part of this crazy generation of anarchic self conscious and poetic birds. Driving from all Dutch provinces bringing love and spiritual candy…. we’re outside shaking hands, cigarette smoke and Alfa beer taste, René shows up… show time….

Thank you very much dearest friends…. see you next time Love and happiness and rock and roll…

Hugs and kisses!

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and here … first row 😉