So we had the perfect line up for our band: drums, bass, keyboards, guitar and vocals. Keen musicians in their own style and ready to do some serious style melt down and do what later became known as crossover.

We had no idea, we just used our tools and knowledge together creating a constant stream of music and jet the next issue came up…

Bands have names, some are cool, some are stupid. What about our band?

We had a brain session concentrating in making up band names, and the most crazy names came up that gave a blink in our musical background like “The Merciful Saints”and “The Day my Pet went Mad” and lots lots more.

As a band we were quite cool and proud of our songs but being all new in this town we were kind of separated from the local music culture. We sometimes had the feeling that we were looking at our own artistic reflection, with no options of merging in a local scene. We had to create our own scene from scratch instead, building a follow up that recognized that and getting proud of the fact that we were misfits in town.

Our band name had to reflect that.

So Nar-Cist became the name of our band, which of course had a lot to do with self-mockery, yet on the other hand turned out to be a perfect name. Often seen as a variation on yin/yang, good/bad, black/white… or was it white/black?

We’d like to think of it as a Joker under your skin, a force that kept us going top speed and became part of our daily vocabulary.

And one day our first gig came along. Our first chance to do to a live show. Its was in a place called Eureka in the nearby small city of Apeldoorn. As we were an unknown band it wasn’t very crowded, and I still remember a guy seriously reading a Donald Duck magazine at the bar without ever looking up for 2 hours, and a couple making out in the back. 

Yet we got people dancing, and we thought that our first gig went very well till after the gig, we went outside for a  smoke, and a few guys walked on to us.

One of the guys asks: “Are you Christian punks?”

We: “what? Can you repeat your question?”

The guy:  “I said, are you a Christian punk band?”

We: “How’s that?”

The guy: “Well your name is Nar-Christ isn t it? “

We laughing out loud:  “No man…… we are Nar-Cist!”

We never played that venue again…