It’s fall 1986 when five young lads get acquainted in the Dutch provincial town of Deventer. Besides being new in town, they appear to have one more mutual interest, being the music of post-Punk bands like The Cure, The Talking Heads and TC Matic. Be it the spirit of the era, the chemistry in their music or the unspoken urge to take part in the local underground scene? Most probably it’s a combination of multiple reasons that swiftly makes them create an entire original repertoire. Deep, dark and melodious. Five outsiders in a new town, loners in the buzzing band scene of that very moment. Like misfits that manage to attract attention against all odds. Nar-Cist is born.

Hendrik Kamerman on vocals, Tony van Engelen on guitar, Mirko Cocco on bass and Walter de Jonge behind the keys, that’s the base setting of Nar-Cist in those days. An array of drummers passes by before Bas Hagen takes over the drumsticks in 1992. Besides the lunatic pace in which the band spits out new work, they build on a solid live reputation. After playing support act for the legendary British band The Sound, they embark on a tour through Scotland.

Welcomed with open arms reactions are more than good, with a loyal fan base following the band wherever they roam. Not aware of the tiny cracks in the glazing. In the early nineties the bomb bursts. The dream is over.



2017, the demise of singer Hendrik Kamerman is a right slap in the face. Totally unexpected the remaining four members of the band get reacquainted after all those years. The faded contact is soon to be restored to its former glory, memories of times gone by come floating to the surface of their communal memory. Despite the decennia that went by and the diversity of life paths chosen, the lads become gents soon find each other in their music. Spread throughout the country they start working on a resurrection of their music. The chemistry is still very much there. Long forgotten songs find their way to strings, keys and drums seemingly effortless. Emphasizing the reason they got back together in the first place in a crystal clear but ever so painful way, the need for a singer that can fill in the gap that Hendrik Kamerman left behind.

Five youngsters disguised as middle aged gentlemen. On stage all of the energy they radiated back then seems to be still there. The sheer pleasure and the love for their music works contagious, their sound is full and convincing. This is the sound that could have conquered Europe, a sound that still can. With a new front man in the person of Robert Bockting, Nar-Cist’s performance is solid as a rock once again. You can see, hear and feel that this new set up is working exactly as it should. With their own repertoire that is both as contemporary as it is original, Nar-Cist is not a repetition of moves. This is a band that truly retrieved itself from the past. Ready for a new chapter. Nar-Cist is back!

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