Four young souls in a new town, fresh friends and partners in a musical crime that still did’t had a band name but all intentions to compose new music. The huge diversity of music styles all the members came from would scare the locals but not us, we were looking for new boundaries, fun, pleasure and new friends.

The breaking up of a band called Sics and their drummer playing in our band gave us the chance to play in a real rehearsal room for a while but….
It turned out that Hendrik, the Sics’s singer, was a student finishing his study abroad and coming back home from Bangladesh.

Hendrik on Stage

It was his name that signed the contract of the rehearsal room and that of course could mean that the whole thing would be kind of temporally. There was a way of course to work it all out in a positive way. Giving us the chance to keep our rehearsal room and Hendrik a chance to sing in a new band.

That would change a lot in how we were playing, as we were all singing at the time and still didn’t reach a clear definition of our sound a front man singing would give us the chance to focus on our instruments, we knew that and were pretty motivated to let an new friend in our band.
The first session went very well and we were all very enthusiastic but  the second one was kinda of shitty so some of us were in doubt if Hendrik was the right person to do the job. But yet there was this undeniable chemistry, and while we proceeded with Hendrik as our singer, things really started to grow.
Hendrik was a good stage performer, not just a singer, and as a person Hendrik was also a great fit, we could talk for days about music and culture.  He was very proud of our band,  and new friendships were born.

Nar-Cist line up 1989

Beside reading a lot he wrote like crazy, he was always writing and working on his lyrics. With his little notebook and pencil always in his pocket ready to catch new inspirational thoughts in ink on paper and when we came with a new idea for a song, a riff, a little bass line or what ever, he would take this little notebook and nail the right lyrics. Again and again, he would always find lyrics fitted for each new idea we came up with.

With Hendrik in the band things went really fast, new songs would submerge almost every week, we were working on our music on a daily base, which was easy to do  living in the same flat / street. We were amazed by the energy Hendrik would drop in, and before we knew it, our first gig was about to be happening.

But that’s another story