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“Back in the 80’s Nar-Cist was a band settled in Deventer in the Netherlands that loved to experiment with melodies and rhythms. Beside having a lot of fun we used to work pretty hard on our songs and after we’ve walked our own paths for more then 30 years we’re experimenting a new era. Old souls in brand new shoes and jackets are under construction.”

Nar-Cist • Stone Wall

Nar-Cist • Stone Wall

Geplaatst door Nar-Cist op Donderdag 21 maart 2019
Nar-Cist • The Road

Nar-Cist • The Road

Geplaatst door Nar-Cist op Woensdag 5 december 2018

Nar-Cist was formed in 1986 in Deventer. Despite the many influences the band was quickly classified as new wave with references to bands like The Cure, Talking Heads, Sisters or Mercy but also King Crimson, the Police and Frank Zappa.

The band had modest successes during the period 1986 to the early 1990s, often stood on stage, recorded an album and toured in Scotland among others. After a long period of silence and the death of singer Hendrik Kamerman the band is active again.

Nar-Cist in 2018: Tony van Engelen, Bas Hagen, Mirko Cocco, Walter de Jonge, Robert Bockting.

It’s nearly the summer of 2017 when Walter, Tony and Mirko meet again after almost 30 years in a restaurant just outside the city of Deventer. After choosing their own paths and careers, this evening was dedicated to the memories of the band that they created together back in 1986, Nar-Cist.

Good memories and intense music that was performed and captured on vinyl and video just at the end of the analogue age, is it a crazy idea to get together and play those songs again? As we sat on that table we had to think about it but after a few weeks it felt that the spirit of NAR was taking over and before we knew we were practicing with a full line up on a long untouched set-list.

Nar-Cist in 1988: Tony van Engelen, Mirko Cocco, Berry Scholing, Hendrik Kamerman, Walter de Jonge.

Take a look around on our BLOG to read about the past and discover the future plans we’re working on. Check the MEDIA section to listen or watch stuff we once recorded.

Nar-Cist Album: Strange Fruit

Video: Live in Edinburgh 1988

Read our blog about the past and the future of Nar-Cist

Here we meet again!

Friday 2nd of November 2018…. It’s the compound to land this thirty years long bridge of silence, our mobile phones keep beeping all day…

We’re going overseas! – part 3

We apologize for time passed since our last post but... we're very busy! As our old friend René invited us for our first gig in thirty years on the 2nd of November we're trying to get as many old friends together at the Meevaart in Amsterdam and finishing our little...

Nar-Cist – Showcase Gig in Amsterdam 2 November 19:00 Free Admission!

A band has got to do what a band has got to do.... Hit the stage! So let's do it! On Friday the 2nd of November we will play a showcase during the JamPot sessions at the Theaterzaal van Communitycentrum De Meevaart, Balistraat 48A, 1094JN Amsterdam Oost. You're...

Working to get on stage Again

Almost a year is passed since the plan came up to give rebirth to our good old band Nar-Cist. Starting up from the original line up from the period 1986 till 1990 (Mirko Cocco on bass, Walter de Jonge on keys and Tony van Engelen on guitars) the first to join in was...

We’re going overseas! – part 2

There was not much left of the positive mood that started our trip in Deventer looking forward to our tour in Scotland after we had this confrontation with 600 coward Dutch marines on board of the North Sea Ferry’s boat to Hull.

Habemus Vox!

We are glad and proud to announce that after several auditions we’ve found the matching vocal member of Nar-Cist! Robert Bockting is he’s name and we’re happy to welcome him in the band.

We are going overseas! Part 1

Imagine yourself being in a band and somebody asks you… would you mind to do a 14 days tour in Scotland with your band? We were moving forward to get more gigs outside our direct surroundings and that was all we wanted at that moment!

How to become a Nar

No spotify, no Netflix, no FaceBook, no YouTube or Soundcloud… Nothing of that at all… There was no PC, mobile telephones or Playstation games… to be honest there wasn’t even a video recorder at the time!

Supporting The Sound

In the move to reach out to a bigger audience we had a great chance to do the support act of The Sound. That was quite exiting for us as the Sound was a band that we all appreciated a lot.

The recreation of Nar

I'm Driving back to Deventer, it's almost summer 2017 and it's been nearly 30 years ago that I've seen the guys from Nar-Cist. We are meeting at a restaurant in the woods near the city, it's 3 of us left from the original set up from the 80's Walter (keys), Ton...

Starting to feel at home

If a band is your way to start feeling at home in a new provincial town, my friend, it will give you a set of wings. That's what it did to us! Deventer was and still is one of the most beautiful small cities of the Netherlands. First of all because it's historic...

Are you christian punks or something?

We had a brain session concentrating in making up band names, and the most crazy names came up that gave a blink in our musical background like “The Merciful Saints”and “The Day my Pet went Mad” and lots lots more.

A finishing touch for a start

Four young souls in a new town, fresh friends and partners in a musical crime that still did’t had a band name but all intentions to compose new music. The huge diversity of music styles all the members came from would scare the locals but not us, we were looking for...

Hit me with your rhythm stick

It's hard to imagine in our days what live could be without all digital technology. That lives us not only without cell phones and personal computers, but also without online social networks and sitting around a big round turning piece of vinyl on the turn table....

No Supertramp

It was back in 1992 when I decided  that 7 years of practising drums, most of the time on my one, was enough to be a bullet proof band member. I had some short experiences with a folk band which broke up after 2 rehearsals, and for 3 months a Van Halen cover band...

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